Uganda’s leader- Yoweri Museveni has been re-elected for a sixth term

Yoweri Museveni,76, has been re-elected for the sixth time as leader of Uganda. The leader has ruled Uganda for over 35 years.


His political rival, commonly known as Bobi Wine, has rejected the vote, claiming it was rigged. Bobi wine- a singer-turned-politician, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi—came second in the vote, according to the country’s election commission.

Bobi Wine to contest election results

Wine said his team is considering peaceful, nonviolent and legal options to contest the results.


Fears of post-election unrest following deadly violence in the months leading up to the vote, which involved the death of dozens of people— including 45 who died in protests in November alone—, arrest of Museveni opposition, and detention of key members of Bobi wine’s staff.


“We are the real winners of this election and therefore what the electoral commission announced has nothing to do with the real election that took place. I can call on all Ugandans to reject the announcement that has been made by the electoral commission … to reject them with the contempt with which it deserves.” Wine told CNN immediately after the announcement.

Bobi Wine claims to have evidence of voting fraud

Wine said he possesses evidence of fraud and intimidation, but he did not provide the details, saying his team would share it when communication lines were restored.


The internet in Uganda has also been shut down for days under a government order. Wine said that he was struggling to communicate with his leadership team after being placed under house arrest on Friday.


The election commission said Museveni won in a landslide, with 58.64% of the vote, while opposition Wine received 34.83% of the vote.


“It is clear that the violence has not been coming from the people of Uganda, the violence has been coming from the police and the military,” Wine said.