How to stop infections spread efficiently?

Infections are diseases caused by microorganisms that come into contact with the human body. According to data gotten from research, about 15.5 million people visit the hospital because of infections caused by microorganisms.

Although some infections are not life-threatening, most of them are dangerous and can reduce your quality of life. Luckily, Bioguard has a product that works efficiently against microorganisms found on surfaces.   

Types of infections

Most infections are caused by:

  •       Virus
  •       Bacteria
  •       Fungi
  •       Protozoa

Bioguard is effective against all forms of microorganisms. It has even proven useful against the coronavirus. By using its state-of-the-art technology, the solution is able to penetrate and find all types of germs hiding on surfaces. The best part is that it works on all types of surfaces like wood, paper, plastic etc. at the same efficacy. 

How to prevent infections ?

Most infections occur when a person or surface comes in contact with another person or object carrying the microorganism. They are spread through:

  •       Bodily contact with an infected person;
  •       Dirty environment;
  •       Contaminated food or water;
  •       Contaminated equipments ;
  •       Surfaces that have come in contact with an infected person or thing.

Bioguard Protected (that you can find on the site : surfaces are safe to touch because of the solution technology that is dangerous to all types of microorganisms.

As a matter of fact, Bioguard technology is a product that disinfects surfaces by killing viruses, bacteria, fungi, that it comes in contact with. It is trusted by leading scientists worldwide, and it can be used for the home and for businesses.

 However, it’s not because of the efficiency of this product that caution should be thrown to the wind. Other ways to prevent the spread of infections include washing your hands frequently, not sharing personal items like toothbrushes, combs etc. and ensuring your immediate environment is clean.