Phonetracker Location Center V3.0, 2 GPS devices, download link

Phonetracker Location Center V3.0, 2 GPS devices, download link

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The Phonetracker Location Center 3.0 is the next generation of Phonetracker Location Center 2.0, which contains numerous improvements:

  • new fresh design, 3 different window designs selectable
  • Data archiving, printing function (formerly Print-AddOn) and TraceLock function (formerly TraceLock-AddOn) are now standard functions (included in the price)
  • all program functions in new dialog menus
  • Popup windows to manage GPS tracker and objects
  • Filter for data export
  • automatic summer / winter time conversion
  • Language change without reboot
  • password protection

... and what you do not see immediately:

  • new way of protocol management (faster & more stable)
  • faster server registration of the GPS tracker devices
  • faster transfer of archived data from the server
  • extended sorting and filter possibilities of the GPS tracks
  • Undock the log window from the main program screen

System requirements:

Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Internet connection

The following GPS tracking devices are supported.

TK102/102-2, TK103, SPT10 / TK5000 / TK-200 / GT-Q3000, SPT100, VT10 / CT100, GC-101, MT-90, SJ-5291, PTX220, PTX240 / JT600, PTX460, PTX300 Detective, Mamabo II, Fox-LT, Bolero-LT, Stepp III, App Phonetracker Locator Lite & Deluxe, CarProtect Pro, Picotrack, MU-201, PTX470, Endurance Primary

TK102 TK103 SPT10 SPT100 VT10 GC-101 MT90 SJ-5291 PTX220 PTX240 PTX460 PTX300 Detective Mambo II Fox LT Bolero-LT Step III Phonetracker Locator Android App CarProtect Pro Picotrack MU-201 PTX470 Endurance Primary  


With this version, you can support up to two GPS tracking devives.

A free trial version (1 GPS tracker, 7 days) can be downloaded here.



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