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CarProtect Pro

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Delivery weight: 300 g

The CarProtect Pro is offered only in business packages!

The GPS tracking device CarProtect Pro has approximately the size of a cigarette box and fits to the diagnostic socket (OBD 2) of all cars from the year 2003. Once set up, plug and play!

In addition to the usual information such as location, speed, direction of travel, the CarProtect transmits numerous data provided by the on-board computer of the vehicle, such as fuel consumption, engine speed, accelerator pedal position, oil temperature, fuel level etc.

The optional software package consisting of

Phonetracker Location Center
Virtual Dashboard (OBDII) Add On

you will feel as if you are sitting in the vehicle with a view of the dashboard. Racers you cutting cross the plan. A careful handling of your vehicles con be shure of that.


  • Quick installation through OBDII connection
  • Transfer of vehicle data and error codes of the vehicle on-board computer
  • e-approval for vehicle installation

Features and technical data:

  • Supporting SMS and GPRS
  • GSM: Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • GPS: integrated 50-channel GPS receiver
  • GPS tracking upon request, depends on time, distance, driving direction and combinations of each other
  • Logging up to 100.000 waypoints
  • Integrated 6 axis acceleration sensor
  • Geofancing In and Out
  • Internernal Li-Ion battery
  • Several power down modes
  • Mileage Log
  • Remote configuration by SMS or online
  • Remote firmware upgrade (OTA)
  • Integrated GPS and GSM antennas
  • Dimensions: 66 (L) x 48 (B) x 25 (H)mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Operation temperature: - 20°C ... + 70°C
  • Compatible to Phonetracker Location Center V3.0
  • supports cost-saving binary protocol
  • Alarm messages during overloading of the vehicle (overspeeding or over-heating of the engine, permanent gas)
  • Cyclical request of the fault codes of the onboard computer

Vehicle information via OBD2 socket, SAE-J1997 standard (if supported by the vehicle):

  • ambient temperature
  • accelerator pedal position
  • fuel consumption
  • mileage counter
  • relative vehicle loading
  • engine temperature
  • engine speed
  • vehicle speed
  • running time since engine start
  • driven distance
  • fuel level
  • ambient air pressure
  • tank air pressure
  • intake pipe air pressure
  • intake pipe air temperature
  • airflow throughput of the air
  • throttle position
  • voltage of the onboard computer

Scope of delivery:

  • CarProtect-Pro
  • USB cable

We set up your CarProtect Pro that it could establish an online connection. Then you are able to set up the Phonetracker Location Center V3.0 very easy. For this, we need to know which network operator you will be using and whether your SIM cards should have a SIM PIN.

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